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The Meadowblog investigates Reincarnation -- or past lives. Discover the latest articles and personal experiences regarding this fascinating subject. Can the concept of Reincarnation be scientifically proven?



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Part 1: Atheists make better neighbors! Millions think that without religion, people would run wild in the streets. Not so!
Part 2: Bishop says the Bible is based on Astrology.

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The Astral Plane

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About Astral Travel (03 Jun 2008)
Astral travelling is Allowing your Living Spirit to leave your Phsyical Body during a deep sleep or Trance Meditation. This is referred too as "OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE."

Astral Projection - Defined (03 Jun 2008)
Astral projection is something many people have been interested about. Astral projection is commonly known as an "out-of-body experience." During an astral projection, one feels as if they have left their physical body and are able to travel throughout the astral plane. Some people have claimed that it is possible for them to travel to non-physical planes. While the person feels as if they are moving, their physical body remains still.

Is Astral Projection Easy? This is Going to Surprise You (05 Jun 2008)
Let's take a quick look at a popular question on many paranormal blogs, forums and online magazines: "Is Astral Projection Easy? What do I have to do to experience one?" The truth of the matter is that having an OBE is far easier than you would think, and as many mystics and present day spiritual visionaries will tell you...each present moment you are A LOT closer to the mystery than you even realize!

Planes Of Reality - Multidimensional Universe (03 Jun 2008)
There are different planes of reality. The physical plane is the first one. The rest of the other planes beyond it are considered the mental plane as a whole. Of all seven states of matter, the highest state is thought wave. Thought wave is the mental plane of reality. It is the universal plane that is made up purely of thought or mindstuff.

What Are Astral Projections And Etheric Projections? (03 Jun 2008)
A clear basic introduction and definition of the different projection experiences. Plus some of the lesser known facts relating to natural projection phenomena.

Where and What is an 'Astral Plane'? (03 Jun 2008)
A simple and easy to follow explanation of the Astral Plane and the dream dimensions. Find out what the Astral Plane really is...

Why Are There Conflicting Opinions Concerning Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection? (03 Jun 2008)
Anyone trying to teach a projection or dreaming technique must naturally do so based on their own particular understanding. With the huge number of differing movements of thought, religions and philosophies in the world, it is easy to see how there can be so many differing teachings concerning the same subjects. Any of these perspectives will colour the descriptions differently.

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"The Meadow" is an epic love story unlike anything told before. The storyline threads an earthly path through four life times, from ancient Mexica to contemporary Pakistan, and affords the reader glimpses of a place known as "The Meadow" - an inter-life waterhole where souls rest between lives.


This is a story about life and all its complexities. It is about the eternal love of two characters that seem destined to be together but who repeatedly fail to bond due to a nemesis that tracks them from life to life, tearing them apart.


The stage of "The Meadow" includes hate and retribution, international espionage and political deceit, interspersed with the brilliance of an autistic savant, offspring of the female protagonist, who tries to solve the secret and mystery of the eagle in order to save his mother.


The frustrated lovers thus have only one option - to unite in the Meadow - a place they forget all about each time they incarnate into a new life.


This site is dedicated to "The Meadow", a book of more than 600 pages and has yet to be published, but it is also devoted to sharing information about life beyond the trapdoor of death, inviting the reader to question everything, from dogmatic beliefs to the establishment.


There are many related articles here and we hope that there will be something for everyone. We hope to encourage communication and discussion between likeminded individuals willing to share their experiences to further our common goals of advancement into the future whilst learning from each other.

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