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Near Death Experiences - Realities, Facts And Inspiration

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The only claim we make is that we do everything in our power to plant that seed of curiosity.

Author: By Richard Hamon

 I don't want to tempt providence but I often wonder why I never seem to find the opportunity to experience the many strange things that happen to people. Some have found that, when in the most extreme of situations, such as having almost fatal conditions, they rise from their physical bodies and become aware of their immediate surroundings. You will find many interesting accounts in the article below which will substantiate this. In "The Meadow" there will be many occurrences of this nature as our characters slide out of one life before finding the opportunity to live again.

Near Death Experiences - Realities, Facts And Inspiration

By Richard Hamon


It is estimated that about 5% of Americans have had a near death experience, and research has shown the experience to occur in all countries and cultures, and that it is a universal reality.

Historical Perspective

Near Death Experiences (NDE) were brought to light in the 1970's when Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, M.D. reported on anecdotal accounts of powerful visions her dying patients were having. In working with terminally-ill patients, she became interested in investigating the realities of death. Some of Dr. Ross' patients died but came back to life, against all odds, and spoke of experiences they had on the other side.

Dr. Ross, along with Raymond A. Moody, Jr., M.D., helped to start the new field of research in near death phenomena. Moody's seminal book, Life After Life, told the stories of 150 people who had suffered clinical death and were revived. Dr. Moody introduced the term, Near Death Experience.

Toward the end of the last century, the NDE became a popular cultural construct. It was popularized in movies, such as All That Jazz (1979), Resurrection (1980), and Flatliners (1990).

Numerous books have been written about how NDEs changed people's lives. For example, Betty Eadie's book, Embraced By The Light, came out in 1993. It told of her fantastic encounter with Jesus, and how she attained new spiritual knowledge.

Since that time, there has been an explosion of interest in the NDE and related matters. Research continues on various aspects of the NDE, and continues to document the basic characteristics of all NDEs.

Not all NDEs are the same, although there are certain factors they have in common, such as being out of the body, feeling a remarkable sense of joy and meeting a being of light or a helpful radiant figure.

Drawing Inspiration From NDEs

The majority of NDE-experiencers have gone on to use the experience as a motivational tool to enhance and improve their lives. There is something about the experience that changes people, from the inside out.

Upon returning to their normal lives, people who have died and come back to life often become more sensitive to the needs and plight of others. They tend to develop increased intuitive powers and bring a new depth to their thinking.

Having faced death and lost their fear of it, they report a new sense of courage in facing the problems and opportunities of life. No longer afraid to live, they are less afraid of taking risks. They are more courageous and loving.

What can we gain from understanding NDEs and how they help people to live healthier, more positive lives?

Some see the NDE as an indication that there is life after life. At least, they feel it demonstrates how thought and action are possible in death, since the clinically dead person seems to have conscious awareness of his or her surroundings. Of course, it is impossible to know whether a near death event is like final death, or what differences there may be.

The NDE has much to teach all of us about how to live more fully and effectively, since NDE experiencers are changed in such constructive ways.

The Power Of Relationships

My near death experience, which occured in 2003, left me with a firm belief that relationships are at least ten times more important than we may realize. My experience helped me to understand the power of relationships in our lives, along with a tremendous desire to improve all my relationships and to do right by everyone.

Before my NDE, I sometimes took a laize-faire approach to my relationships, even though I had been a professional therapist for many years. But after my experience, I saw relationships in a totally different light, realizing that without good, close relationships, our lives would be close to meaningless.

The average person who undergoes a NDE comes out of the experience feeling better and stronger, and goes on to live a much improved life. Many overcome stubborn fears and worries they have had for years.

Getting past fear allows us to accomplish greater things in our lives and conduct more honest and loving relationships. And what joy relationships can bring us when we are unafraid to embrace and love people in unconditional ways!

Richard Hamon is a professional therapist and coach with over 25 years of experience. His business, Relationships For Success Coaching, helps people to improve their relationships and enjoy success in all areas of their lives.

Richard has written a unique eBook, The Ultimate Relationship Solution: How Secrets Discovered From A Near Death Experience Can Help You Ignite Passion and Realize Success in All Your Relationships.

The eBook tells about an actual Near Death Experience the author had in 2003, which transformed his life and led to a series of insights, revelations and secrets about relationships.

You can find Richard's eBook, The Ultimate Relationship Solution at: []LINKED TEXT

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"The Meadow" is an epic love story unlike anything told before. The storyline threads an earthly path through four life times, from ancient Mexica to contemporary Pakistan, and affords the reader glimpses of a place known as "The Meadow" - an inter-life waterhole where souls rest between lives.


This is a story about life and all its complexities. It is about the eternal love of two characters that seem destined to be together but who repeatedly fail to bond due to a nemesis that tracks them from life to life, tearing them apart.


The stage of "The Meadow" includes hate and retribution, international espionage and political deceit, interspersed with the brilliance of an autistic savant, offspring of the female protagonist, who tries to solve the secret and mystery of the eagle in order to save his mother.


The frustrated lovers thus have only one option - to unite in the Meadow - a place they forget all about each time they incarnate into a new life.


This site is dedicated to "The Meadow", a book of more than 600 pages and has yet to be published, but it is also devoted to sharing information about life beyond the trapdoor of death, inviting the reader to question everything, from dogmatic beliefs to the establishment.


There are many related articles here and we hope that there will be something for everyone. We hope to encourage communication and discussion between likeminded individuals willing to share their experiences to further our common goals of advancement into the future whilst learning from each other.

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