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Law of Attraction - Vibration Therapy

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The only claim we make is that we do everything in our power to plant that seed of curiosity.

Author: By Jeannette Maw

A common phrase used by many people is "feeling the vibes". Put simply, this means feeling the vibrations of something that is getting their attention. Everything in the physical world has its own vibration. Even the Earth itself ‘talks' to us through its own vibration. What a shame that most of us take no notice. Life is energy in motion and it is the vibration of this energy, manifested in countless frequencies, which determines what IS. Love is the highest form of all vibrations. During the writing of  "The Meadow" love, in its most purest form, was the concept used by both authors to bring about a story that would

touch humankind in a way never to be forgotten.

Law of Attraction - Vibration Therapy

By Jeannette Maw



We invest time and energy in healing our skin, our relationships, our colons, our cars and many other "things" in life.  But many of us ignore the most important therapy we could attend to: our vibration.


Simply put, your vibration is the energy you broadcast according to your thoughts and feelings.  We know that everything in the Universe is made of energy, including us, and our thoughts and feelings.  Your vibration is that culmination of energy.


If you're feeling hopeful, you're vibration is "hope,"  and you'll attract things that will inspire you to feel more hope.  If you're thinking about how awful your job is, your vibe is "awful" and you'll attract more reasons to feel awful.


Your vibration dictates what you experience in life.  As you vibrate, you attract.  Paying attention to - and more specifically, improving - your vibration is time well spent.


Tending to your vibe allows you to deliberately dial into an energy that attracts what you want in life.  Yes, we're talking about the Law of Attraction and how "form follows thought."


Since we get what we vibrate, virtually everyone can benefit from a little vibration therapy.  How do we do that?  Boiled down to the basics, vibration therapy is about feeling good.  Here are four tried and true methods to easily move up the energetic spectrum, putting you in better alignment with the good things you want.  (Which is, of course, how we get them.)


Release Resistance

Whenever you push against something, you're actually vibrating it.  When I don't want my boyfriend to be late, I'm vibrating "late boyfriend."  When we lobby for stronger anti-cruelty animal laws, we vibrate "cruelty to animals."  When we complain about drug-dealing neighbors, we vibrate exactly that.  So resisting anything actually tangles you up in it even more.


We get what we vibrate.

One of the best ways to rehabilitate your vibration is to stop pushing against what you don't want.  Make peace with what is, and stop fighting against reality.


That doesn't mean you're stuck with what is, or that your current reality is what you're doomed to live forever.  It does mean the first step in changing what you're living is giving up the fight against it.


Releasing the resistance to what you're fighting against offers immediate relief to your vibration.  You'll feel an instant boost when you make peace with what is.


Eliminate Tolerations

Some believe tolerance is a virtue; a trait to embrace.  But in truth tolerations aren't necessarily good for your vibration.

From the Latin tolerare, which means to "bear" or "endure," you can get a sense for why a toleration would be a drag on your energy.  (Hint: it's not the same as making peace with!)


To tolerate something means to "allow the existence of, to permit or endure or put up with something."  This implies that the something (or someone) is less than ideal and tends to drain a person's energy.  Thus, a toleration is often a hindering influence to our vibration.


So how do you eliminate tolerations?  First you identify them.  Jack Canfield suggests making an "irritations list" of the things that bother you or otherwise siphon off your energy.


You'll likely find irritations in all areas of life: physical environment, financial, relationships, personal health, etc.  After you've identified what's bothering you, get each one handled in whatever way feels best.  Clean it, repair it, throw it out, hire help, delegate it, change your habit, or even just change your mind about letting it bother you.  There are a variety of ways to eliminate the tolerations in your life.  Get creative!


As you unload what doesn't feel good, you'll notice a significant improvement in your vibration.


Find Your Feel Good

Your inner guidance speaks to you throughout the day, giving its two cents worth about what actions to take, what to do, not do, what direction to take.  Most of us have learned to tune out that information, but reconnecting with it is a powerful way to find your "feel good."


As you follow your feel good, your vibration naturally buoys up to the heights that will serve you best.


It can be as simple as saying no to invites you don't want to attend; to giving away the jeans that make you feel big; to walking barefoot in the long green grass; holding up traffic to let the other car in.


Sometimes finding what feels good may be too far a stretch, and the best we can reach for is what feels better.  Wherever you're at currently, just reach for something that feels better.  That'll move your energy up the vibrational scale.


Get Selfish

Most of us are well-trained to put others first; our family, employers, spouses, neighbors, etc.  We often end up last on a long list of higher priorities.


And yet, if we aren't doing ourselves first, we don't have anything to offer.  If you are not fulfilled, who are you for others?  Empty, unsatisfied, tired and joyless.  In that state, what good are you to anyone else anyway?


Realizing you can't give away what you don't own makes it easier to release reluctance in putting yourself on the front burner.  Treating yourself as well as you do others allows your energy to hit lofty heights.  And once you're in that territory, you are of much more benefit to the rest of the world.


Remember, the reason it's important to manage your vibration and work up the energetic scale is because that's how we get in alignment with the good things we want.  Whether it's material possessions like an avenues loft, hybrid car, new ipod or more abstract things like a fulfilling relationship, optimal health, satisfying livelihood - vibrating at the higher end of the scale is what allows those things to manifest.


As dictated by the Law of Attraction, good things happen when we feel good.  Indulging in some vibration therapy will elevate you to the heights that allow those good things in.

Here's to enjoying your vibe therapy and all that life has to offer when you choose to feel good!

Jeannette Maw is an Attraction Coach and founder of Good Vibe Coaching in Salt Lake City, Utah who helps clients get what they want by leveraging the Law of Attraction.  She is co-author of "101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life, Vol. 3" and "Inspired Attraction."

Free tips and strategies to use the Law of Attraction to make your wish list come true are yours by signing up for her fluff-free "Get What You Want" bi-monthly ezine at []  Learn more about using Law of Attraction in the Real World at

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Jay commented on 06 Jul 2008, 18:02:41
What a fantastic article, and so very true. The Law of Attraction is totally amazing and totally works. I know that since I have been practising the Attitude of Gratitude (I started filling in a beautiful notebook every day with things I was grateful for in my life, even if it was a great cup of coffee) my life has been attracting more abundance than ever. And all good stuff! You are what you think you are... if you think you can't or you think you can, you are right!
Simple but profound... thank you!
With gratitude, Jay


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This is a story about life and all its complexities. It is about the eternal love of two characters that seem destined to be together but who repeatedly fail to bond due to a nemesis that tracks them from life to life, tearing them apart.


The stage of "The Meadow" includes hate and retribution, international espionage and political deceit, interspersed with the brilliance of an autistic savant, offspring of the female protagonist, who tries to solve the secret and mystery of the eagle in order to save his mother.


The frustrated lovers thus have only one option - to unite in the Meadow - a place they forget all about each time they incarnate into a new life.


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